When selling your home, it is important that you maximize its best features so that it shows well. Here are some cosmetic considerations that ensure your home is marketed successfully.


  • Remove children’s toys, yard debris, and extraneous items stored from around the exterior of the house.
  • During summer months, keep the lawn trimmed and flower beds tidy. In the fall, remove dead leaves and detritus from the lawn and shrubbery. And in the winter, shovel walkways and stairs so your home is approachable.


  • Have carpets and window coverings cleaned. Wash walls and windows so your home appears clean and bright.
  • Remove obstacles from passageways so that potential buyers can walk through easily, and consider disposing of unwanted items so closets appear spacious.
  • Add a fresh coat of paint to walls in rooms that need redecorating.
  • In the bathroom, keep the bath mat and shower curtain clean, and set out fresh linens.
  • Repair cabinets that stick and dripping faucets. Replace burnt out light bulbs.
  • Invest in new, colourful bed linens and updated curtains. Your bedroom will present well to buyers and you can take these items with you to your new home!

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