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Agents need to prospect, but they want companies that are working to assist in generating leads for them as well. We generate hundreds of leads every month and distribute them to agents or let our in house ‘lead scrubber’ set appointments for you. 

Get the support of an inside sales team. Who wouldn’t love someone to set appointments with new clients? We do, and we know the value of having a high-quality ISA department that can make contact with your new leads and nurture existing business as you need it.

Top agents are looking to fine-tune their skills. Many agents know they need to get back the basics and all of the agents realize the value of staying current in an ever-changing real estate industry. Top agents also understand the value of securing specialized training, mastermind meetings, and business coaching.

Marketing is the #1 activity that our agents need to do to stay in touch with their sphere and past customers. GPG offers unparalleled marketing support and tools to help agents grow their business, including content development at no cost for the agents!

Len T. Wong & Associates offers Health & Dental Benefits package for both single and family agents so they can have peace of mind for the Health and Wellness of themselves and their loved ones.

Do you want to build a significant passive income? Len T. Wong & Associates’ ‘Dividend Program’ was created to do just that for you. Build a residual monthly income by participating in the growth of the brokerage. For each new agent that you refer to GPG, you will receive a residual cash dividend in perpetuity!

Many of the best agents enjoy connecting with other successful peers. Their needs and approach to the real estate business are different from rookie agents. We are here to help support our agents to share ideas and brainstorm any challenges that the market may bring.

Our broker and leadership team is always available to you for your questions and concerns. Schedule a personal meeting, a Zoom video conference or give a call to anyone on the leadership team and we will be there for you.

We offer completely custom, upscale listing and buyer presentations to ensure buyer conversion and increase your business. GPG’s “Buyer Guide” package is designed to impress even the pickiest home buyer.

Get Paid in Bitcoin

GPG agents who would like to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other Cryptocurrencies have the option to get a portion, or all of their commissions paid out in the Cryptocurrency of their choice…allowing them to easily and automatically grow their own personal Cryptocurrency portfolio.

Stay Up-To-Date With Run GPG Podcast

Every week on the ‘RUN GPG’ Podcast we have conversations with individuals in the world of entrepreneurship, business, personal development and the real estate industry. We learn their stories, lessons learned, and deep dive into valuable information that will help you grow and scale your business, your life, and your real estate career. Every episode has actual boots on the ground tactics, strategies and stories that you can take away and implement into your business, life and career. We also bring attention to the processes and systems that are proven to accelerate your business by letting you look under the hood of a fast-growing multi-million dollar Real Estate company.


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